There’s been a lot of positive press surrounding Fortune 500 companies, cities and municipalities committing to renewable energy. Perhaps because of this, organizations around the globe are looking to renewables like solar PV to achieve their energy and sustainability goals.  But here’s the thing: while the financial and environmental benefits of solar PV cannot be denied, without the right approach and expertise, solar PV will fail to deliver its maximum value.


An overwhelming number of organizations simply don’t understand how much energy they use — and, more importantly, how much energy they’re wasting (often as much as 30%).  As such, the smart approach to integrating solar is for organizations to conduct an energy audit to get a thorough understanding of average energy use, and areas where efficiencies can be increased.  Optimizing energy efficiencies/decreasing consumption wherever possible ensures the solar PV system is right-sized to the organization’s needs, thereby delivering maximum value.

Our Approach

We encourage our customers to focus on efficiency first. By reducing energy requirements up front, companies reduce the amount of solar PV needed.  The result? Greater efficiencies and additional savings!

We make it easy to integrate solar PV into a facility’s existing electrical system. This ensures that our customer know exactly how much energy their solar PV system is producing.

We go above and beyond to understand each customer’s goals, budget, people, and what is needed to be successful.

Our energy engineers conduct a careful analysis of building location, weather data, shading and other factors that affect performance — and design a solar PV system that will achieve maximum ROI for each customer.

Around the clock monitoring allows you to better appreciate your solar system and maximizes your return-on investment by limiting system downtime

Our web-based monitoring platforms provide enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts to maximize annual energy production.

Achieve greater energy independence with solar battery storage

Fully-integrated energy storage systems can dramatically lower energy costs with behind the meter energy storage systems designed to make automated cost-savings decisions. Pairing solar PV with battery energy storage can more than double your savings and significantly boost project returns. Our flexible solutions are designed to fit your facility’s unique energy fingerprint to maximize savings overtime.

Building automation system integration that empowers your people

We study the way people operate within your facility to design a scalable building automation system around them, optimizing the way it is used. We use open controls that do not bind customers to service contracts and allow integration with many different systems giving you the greatest flexibility for future enhancements as your organization grows.

Plumas Lake School District

Plumas Lake School District worked with SmartWatt to develop a roof-mounted solar PV system at three schools. The project design, developed by SmartWatt, includes a solar PV system that reduces the facilities’ total energy consumption and provides a web-based monitoring system (with solar production dashboard display) for real-time performance monitoring.


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