Mechanical systems have a direct impact on the comfort, health, and productivity of your employees.  Poorly ventilated spaces result in a number of health issues, including headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath and sinus congestion. These, in turn, result in increased absences and short-term sick leave. Lack of adequate ventilation also has a negative impact on cognitive function, resulting in decreased productivity. On the other hand, recent research has found that productivity, decision-making, and strategizing improves for employees who work in buildings where fresh air is adequately circulated. Buildings with low CO² concentrations and high ventilation rates can lead to performance improvements of up to 8%.

In addition to the obvious productivity boost, updating aging, inefficient systems will reduce energy consumption, maintenance and operations costs and dramatically lower your utility bills. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air!


Our Approach

We focus on gaining a strong understanding of your facility requirements and operations to determine space conditioning needs.

We carefully examine each space within your facility, then design optimized solutions around how users interact with each unique area and space.

We develop mechanical solutions that optimize the spaces in your facility for the highest positive user experience.

We put you in control of your mechanical project with continuous, direct access to our project managers and engineering experts.

Improve comfort with HVAC system upgrades and operating controls while reducing the cost to operate the systems

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems can contribute up to 40% of a facility’s energy consumption. In order to optimize energy usage, we provide a wide variety of solutions to improve or replace inefficient, aging HVAC systems.

Boiler improvements that maximize the operational efficiency of facilities

Hot water and steam boiler efficiency is mainly affected by poor equipment or lack of maintenance, leading to inefficiencies with combustion and water treatment, insulation losses, overall poor control of the equipment and other factors that negatively impact boiler operation. SmartWatt provides critical boiler improvements that optimize efficiency while meeting the facility steam requirements.

Improved steam system performance

We optimize steam systems by evaluating the current system then repairing or replacing equipment as needed. Through energy optimization and steam system improvements, customers are able to increase operational efficiency and reduce their carbon emission footprint.

Optimized domestic hot water generation

Optimization strategies for domestic hot water systems generally include improvements to the equipment that generates the hot water, such as condensing boilers or demand water heaters. SmartWatt provides domestic hot water system improvements that optimize these types of equipment.

Chiller and refrigeration improvements that free up resources

Facility managers devote a significant amount of resources to maintaining chiller and refrigeration systems, which can be a large expense in warmer climates where cooling is required all year. We optimize the existing chiller and refrigeration systems with a wide variety of improvements to enhance efficiency, reliability, and control of these systems.

Reducing operating costs with compressed air system improvements

It costs more to operate a compressed air system in the first year than it costs to buy and install the system, therefore equipment operation and selection is extremely important. Aging, neglected, or poorly designed compressed air systems consume an exorbitant amount of energy, adding to operating costs. We provide compressed air system improvements that generate the required compressed air in the most optimal manner through utilization of the most efficient equipment for the application and optimization of the compressor control sequence. In addition, system improvements can make a significant difference by eliminating leaks, regulating the air pressure, eliminating bottlenecks in the compressed air piping system, resisting pipe corrosion, and recapturing heat.

Montgomery County

SmartWatt partnered with this rural New York county to bring an optimized energy system to its buildings housing antiquated mechanical boilers, window AC units and furnaces. Those units were replaced with new energy efficient equipment and a new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system was installed to provide central cooling to the courthouse, eliminating the need for individual window units. All equipment was equipped with controls and tied back to the county’s building automation system, allowing for more granular control and scheduling of the systems.


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