Successful organizations need lighting that promotes active engagement, productivity, and safety.

Research conducted by the American Society of Interior Design found that 68% of workers/employees complain about the lighting in their building. As such, having the right lighting is becoming more of an issue for employers.

Companies across the U.S. are discovering that, in addition to significant cost savings, employee productivity increases when lighting is optimized to task and time of day. Multiple studies have shown that optimized LED lighting dramatically improves employee performance in visual and cognitive tasks, reduces fatigue, increases activity, improves reaction times and boosts morale.



Our Approach

We listen in order to understand the unique needs of each space within your facility, and explore every available option.

We offer customized lighting solutions that save energy, promote productivity, and create positive experiences within your facility.

We consider how lighting fits into your entire energy system and offer options to maximize the value of your project.

We put you in control of your lighting project with accessible project managers and direct access to our experts.

Eco-friendly LED lighting that allows people to enjoy the best visibility while indoors

LED lighting is an eco-friendly illumination solution that saves energy through its high efficiency. LED’s low heat output reduces the amount of indoor cooling a space needs. LEDs can mimic soft natural sunlight for the greatest comfort so that everyone, from children learning to read and workers on the job, can all perform better.

Provide a safer outdoor environment with LED lighting

When night falls, parking lots and other large outdoor spaces face visibility issues where accidents or undesirable activity can occur. As an outdoor lighting solution, LEDs distribute brighter illumination over larger areas, increasing visibility for better safety, security, and comfort of pedestrians, drivers, and all other occupants of the space.

Improve the quality of life in your community with LED street lighting

Street lighting is important for the safety of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians crossing roads or simply walking down the street. Energy efficient LED lighting provides superior brightness and illumination at lower costs so that those savings can be funneled to other areas of community improvements and services for residents to enjoy.

Lighting controls ensure that your LED lighting solution is always working for you

LED lighting is dimmable giving you control over brightness, color, and distribution. LEDs can be programmed to output different levels of brightness when triggered by a lack of daylight and/or motion. Automated dimming controls can reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, while freeing you to focus on what matters most.

Price Chopper | Distribution Warehouse

Price Chopper partnered with SmartWatt to implement a lighting systems optimization project to improve the quality of lighting, reduce energy costs, and achieve central control of all lighting systems. The solution included a new lighting fixture layout to enhance distribution of light, and the installation of new LED lighting fixtures and a wireless advanced lighting control system.


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"SmartWatt helped us improve lighting, reduce energy consumption and lower lighting maintenance costs. The results were dramatic!"

Benny Smith    |    VP of Facilities