At SmartWatt, our values are the foundation of everything we do. We are committed to win and are driven to accomplish profound results for our clients. We connect, collaborate, and embrace the unconventional by stretching the boundaries of our own excellence to empower what’s possible. We are proud of our values that guide our vision.

Winning is essential – and fun

For SmartWatt, there’s value in each win. It creates energy, fuels momentum, stimulates growth and defines success. Customers win when we deliver compelling results and engaging interactions. Team members win by using passion and creativity to design innovative solutions. SmartWatt wins by helping industry-leading clients, building a thriving company culture and setting the industry standards in energy systems optimization.

There is always a next level

We love what we do and we’re driven to always do it better. We seize every opportunity to outperform our competitors; but more importantly, to outperform ourselves. We love testing ourselves, demonstrating our experience, and stretching our capabilities. It’s all about excellence. Setting the industry standard requires continuous improvement in every aspect of our business and ourselves.

Integrity is everything

Keeping our word is at the heart of our corporate DNA. SmartWatt delivers what we promise. Integrity is built on trust, the foundation of every exceptional customer experience. It’s impossible to enjoy a rewarding team effort if anyone drops the ball, which is why we keep our promises to our customers, to our partners, to our team members and to ourselves.

The status quo doesn’t reside here

We are uninterested in the way it’s always been done. Predetermined solutions and conventional wisdom will never cut it at SmartWatt. We seek the innovations our competitors overlook. Exceptional is our standard. We believe in pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone to find creative solutions that meet our client’s unique needs.

We do it together

In our culture, there is no winning without ongoing collaboration. We move forward together, empowered by our relationships with our team members, partners and clients. Together we have fun. Together we grow. Together we get better. If you can’t win together, you can’t win at SmartWatt.

Benefits & Perks

Check out the benefits and perks of working at SmartWatt. We guarantee you’ll love them!