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The business case for improving energy efficiency is truly compelling for hospitals. Energy represents almost half of a healthcare facility’s budget – second only to salaries.  On average, hospitals in the U.S. spend approximately $3.00 on electricity per square foot.  And there’s a lot of wasted energy – up to 30% — since so many systems have been repaired and replaced in a piecemeal fashion over the years.

Beyond the substantial financial savings that optimized energy systems provide, the improvements to indoor environment and comfort are proven to improve both patient recovery and staff productivity.

To be successful, hospitals need to partner with an energy program developer that truly understands the critical operations of a hospital — one that can deliver a guaranteed, budget-neutral energy savings strategy that will have a positive impact on patients, staff, and visitors. They should have a stellar safety record and be vendor-independent.

In short, hospitals should partner with an energy program developer that and will provide all of the necessary financial, technological, construction, measurement, monitoring and reporting needed to ensure all their goals and objectives are met.

That’s SmartWatt!

Our Approach

Patients always come first. As such, we invest heavily upfront to ensure that we have thoroughly explored your critical needs and challenges, deliver solutions that support your mission and achieve all your goals without disrupting patient care or comfort.



We customize solutions for separate areas of your facility to optimize environments for staff, patients and visitors. We work smarter to ensure we create safer, healthier, and more productive places to work and recover.

We approach every project as a fully integrated team of unbiased subject experts versed in the latest technologies, incentives, best practices, financial vehicles, and construction methods that respect the unique needs of your facility, patients and staff.

Our approach guarantees the greatest value from your energy efficiency upgrades. We provide additional needs analysis, project management, and support to ensure that you have options, and control at every stage of your upgrade.

Improved Lighting Boosts Hospital Performance and Patient Recovery

The work environment in hospitals is inherently stressful.  Caregivers are required to perform a range of complex tasks, everything from, charting, filling prescriptions, administering medication to brain surgery. Irregular day/night light cycles, common in healthcare facilities, disrupt circadian rhythms, sleep, mood and productivity. New, human-centric lighting technologies – which allow light color and intensity to change from one range to another throughout the day and night – enable hospitals to maximize the beneficial effects of light for human health, productivity, and safety.

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Hospitals and Climate Change.

The US healthcare system is a top producer of greenhouse gas emissions and, as such, plays a significant role in climate change and the harm that delivers to human health.

The advocacy organization Health Care Without Harm urges hospitals to shrink their carbon footprints, move to more sustainable sources of energy, cut down on waste, and take other steps to reduce the system’s impact.

“Increasing energy efficiency should be a no-brainer for hospitals,” says President of Health Care Without Harm Gary Cohen. “It saves money, reduces the use of fossil fuels, and is more efficient,” he says. Energy efficient systems, like combined heat and power, also help hospitals stay up and running during natural disasters.

By engaging in more energy efficient systems and sustainable practices — and by demanding the same from their suppliers — hospitals can expand their positive impact beyond their patients to protecting the health of their community and the world at large.


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Our Lady of Hope Residence: Cutting Costs, Improving Comfort, Reducing Emissions

The Our Lady of Hope Residence wanted to improve resident comfort and reduce operational costs. They partnered with SmartWatt to design and implement multi-phase energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades.

Phase 1: Included interior lighting and advanced lighting control upgrades, resulting in a 50% reduction in lighting energy costs.

Phase 2: Included refurbishing air handlers, and installing new terminal units, an energy management system, a new condensing hot water boiler system and a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.


Annual Cost Reduction

687 Tons

Reduction in Annual Carbon Emissions

501,747 kWh

Electric Savings

“SmartWatt understands the challenges associated with hospital energy retrofits. They took the time to understand what we wanted and delivered on every level. ”

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