Optimizing Public Infrastructure to Better Serve the People

Government agencies in the U.S. spend more than $10 billion a year on energy. Unfortunately, according to the EPA, nearly one-third of the energy used to run typical government buildings is wasted.

Since energy consumption has such a major impact on operating costs, effective energy management is critical to success for both public and private organizations. Yet, despite the favorable return on investment that improved energy efficiency provides, the public sector frequently struggles to find the capital required for much-needed energy efficiency upgrades.

SmartWatt can help. 


The SmartWatt Advantage

We offer a variety of budget-neutral/no-capital-required energy efficiency solutions that allow agencies to dramatically reduce energy consumption and costs — without tapping into annual budgets or raising taxes.

We sweat the small stuff: We take the time to analyze each customer’s unique situation, challenges, and goals. 


We develop customized efficiency solutions that allow customers to implement the infrastructure upgrades needed to achieve their energy savings goals.

We manage every stage of the process — from design through implementation — to ensure every customer’s energy efficiency upgrade is a stress-free, risk-free experience.

Increasing efficiencies. No capital required.

State and local administrations often lack the time, personnel and funding required to plan and implement the facility upgrades needed to reduce budget-draining energy and operations costs. SmartWatt offers turnkey, budget-neutral solutions to handle every phase of the project — from design and funding through implementation and verification.

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Cost-effective energy optimization solutions for prison and detention centers

With the costs of maintaining aging correctional facilities high, legislators are looking for ways to reduce expenses while keeping correctional communities safe. We offer a variety of budget-neutral/no-capital-required energy optimization solutions that dramatically cut energy costs while increasing safety for all occupants.

Madison County

SmartWatt teamed with this rural county to reduce maintenance, enhance occupant comfort and achieve sustainability goals by implementing a bundled energy systems optimization project. The project was funded through an energy performance contract, requiring no up-front capital and the ability to use the guaranteed energy savings to pay for the project, which included optimization of mechanical systems, building envelopes, lighting systems, building automation systems, and the addition of tint film to windows.


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“It has been a pleasure working with SmartWatt. The project was run very smoothly and efficiently, and the results have been phenomenal.”

Kevin Loveless    |    Building Maintenance Supervisor

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