Optimizing the business of energy.

Every year your facility gets older and the energy systems that make up your infrastructure get more expensive to operate and less efficient at delivering an environment that fosters productivity, comfort, and safety to the people in your organization. At SmartWatt we optimize energy systems and maximize value along every dimension: energy efficiency, financial returns, and human impact. Specific services include: bundled energy projects, mechanical systems, building automation systems, lighting & controls, Solar PV.

We are the antidote to the status quo in energy services.

We deliver the optimal value: the right plan for the right need, the most efficient and effective implementation, and the level of support you need to get the most from your energy project. All SmartWatt projects are based on open systems-centric and product-agnostic solutions; your needs drive our work – always. This does more than just ensure the most effective solution. Our commitment to open systems helps future-proof your energy investment, and helps create opportunities for systems integration that can lead to more effective management and further optimization.

We are experts and we have experience.

We are experts and we have experience, two resources that guarantee more than energy savings and efficiency. We put our talents to work to optimize your energy investments, your spaces, and your environments so you can create safer, healthier, and more productive places for your employees, customers, patients, caregivers, learners, and teachers.