Can Your Business Benefit from Energy as a Service?

Thirty percent.  According to recent Energy Star research, that’s the amount of energy the average commercial building wastes year-after-year.  If you’re already monitoring your energy use, we’re not telling you anything new. And if you haven’t optimized your energy systems, chances are you are paying too much for energy. Energy as a Service may well be the solution you need.

The combination of senseless energy wastage, rising costs, and uncertain supply has many forward-thinking business owners and executives reconsidering their approach to energy management.  And, it’s not just large manufacturing and industrial enterprises. Businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors are realizing they can dramatically reduce energy spending by increasing energy efficiency.

But how?

The benefits of optimizing energy systems are obvious.  Unfortunately, since energy management is rarely a core competency, many businesses are overwhelmed by the complexities and challenges associated with retrofitting energy inefficient facilities.  One of the biggest roadblocks is the capital investment required. Business owners and shareholders can be resistant to diverting capital from revenue-producing projects to fund energy efficiency programs.

The big idea!

The challenge of implementing desired energy-savings upgrades without investing precious capital prompted a major shift in thinking – and an intriguing new solution.

Stop thinking about energy as a purchased commodity.  Think about energy as a service!

The obvious solution is to outsource the design, implementation and ongoing management of energy platforms to a third-party energy optimization expert. (Think SmartWatt) In addition to eliminating the stress and risk associated with technology selection and maintenance, this would reduce implementation timelines/advance energy savings and free businesses to focus on their profit-generating activities. But the problem remained.  How to pay for it all?

No Purchase Necessary.  Literally.

Think of Energy as a Service as the Uber of the energy world.  You don’t have to buy the car to enjoy the ride – and you don’t have to purchase your energy assets to enjoy the savings they deliver.

Under an Energy as a Service agreement, your program designer (again, think SmartWatt) secures third-party funding.  That funding partner pays for all assets/equipment and covers all implementation costs.  Since the funding partner finances the program and owns the energy assets, customers have absolutely no capital expense – and none of the worries that come from equipment ownership.

A customer’s energy savings are calculated (and guaranteed) using agreed-upon measurement and verification protocols.  A portion of those savings are simply charged back each month as an operational expense.

Simplicity, Security, Profitability

The genius of Energy as a Service is that it provides businesses with a risk-free way to optimize energy systems, increase profits, reduce operating expenses and dramatically improve working environments – without any initial capital investment. It can be scaled easily, shifting management and maintenance hassles to the vendor, allowing businesses to focus on critical business activities.

Is Energy as a Service the solution for your business? Consider the benefits:

  • Increased cash-flow
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Increased business intelligence/data
  • Improved working conditions
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • No capital investment

If you can benefit from the above, then the answer is a resounding “yes!”


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