Optimizing energy efficiency is a critical component of any successful strategy to reduce energy consumption, utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, even when the financial benefits of efficiency investments are clear, lack of capital, time and expertise means that implementing efficiency upgrades remains a challenge for some public and private sector organizations. Bundling reduces the upfront costs of upgrading buildings by combining efficiency measures and services into standard packages with predictable costs and savings. 




Our Approach

We listen to understand your problems and provide multiple solutions so you can pick only the measures best suited to your unique needs.

We focus on using energy savings to upgrade infrastructure and energy consuming systems that are most meaningful to you and your organization.

We put you in control of your bundled energy project with continuous, direct access to our project managers and engineering experts.

We are product agnostic and offer engineering-led solutions designed to give you the highest possible value with your bundled energy project.

Financing opportunities that put energy optimization well within reach

From government based financing tools to public-private partnerships, a wealth of financing options are available to help your organization complete its bundled energy projects. SmartWatt helps identify funding methods to meet your needs so you can spend time focusing on achieving your goals.

Comprehensive audits of energy consumption, arming you with the best decision-making information

Information is key to decision-making, so we perform an investment grade audit (IGA) of your facility to detail energy use. IGAs come with analysis of potential savings by implementing an energy optimization project. Proposals include bundled energy projects and financing plans to decide which solution best fits your unique requirements.

Enjoy peace of mind with our flexible service contracts and warranty support

Unlike other companies that lock down customers with extended service contracts, we offer contracts with flexible terms best suited for your organization. Also, we provide warranty support that backs up your project ensuring a positive, risk-free customer experience.

Get the most out of your energy project with measurement & verification

We go beyond forecasting potential cost-savings of an energy-optimization project, and provide real evidence of savings after project completion with accurate and reliable measurement and verification. By consistently accessing the performance of your system, we deliver the highest transparency and ensure you’re enjoying maximum benefits.

Budget-neutral energy optimization projects, allowing you to focus on what matters

With an energy savings performance contract, SmartWatt provides turnkey services to identify and install energy-optimizing upgrades to your facility. The bundled energy project is paid off over a set term using the cost savings resulting from these improvements. You continue to receive the savings after the term ends.

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Improving quality of life for all with cost effective solutions to reduce energy consumption in government facilities

With a UESC, SmartWatt works with your utility to provide budget-neutral turnkey solutions. The agency repays the project costs over time with the cost savings, and once fully paid, can direct the savings to improving lives.

Energy savings projects for schools that promote investment in students and teachers

California’s Prop 39 directs nearly $2.5 billion to local educational agencies in support of optimized bundled energy projects and clean energy installations on school campuses. SmartWatt provides energy audits and helps secure Prop 39 funding. Then we deliver custom solutions that include retrofits and upgrades to reduce energy costs, allowing schools to divert savings to student and teacher resources. We work with K-12 school districts to submit five-year plans to the California Energy Commission (CEC) by the August 1, 2017 deadline.

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Fulton County

SmartWatt partnered with Fulton County for their energy systems optimization project, which was funded through an energy performance contract, requiring no up-front capital and the ability to use the guaranteed energy savings to pay for the project. The bundled energy project included a new building automation system, upgrades to mechanical and lighting systems, building envelope enhancements and water conservation measures.


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