Our building support services include training and ongoing support to ensure you’re able to utilize your BAS system to its full potential and appreciate all of its benefits. Not every organization has the needed resources to get the most out of their energy systems.  If that’s the case then we’re here to support you with a service plan that makes sense for you. It can include continual monitoring, retro-commissioning, and service contracts.

Our Approach

SmartWatt promises to always be there when you need us, providing ongoing support services after your energy system is up and running for absolute peace of mind.

Our building automation experts provide real, lasting training and tools to ensure you can take your system back permanently.

We offer maintenance agreements, so that the value of your energy systems optimization is appreciated now, and in the future.

We make it easy to maintain your system and navigate the complexities of systems integration.

Our continual monitoring services ensure you get the most out of your energy system over it's lifespan

The needs of your facility can change and systems sometimes need adjustment.  SmartWatt does not abandon clients at the completion of an energy optimization project. Instead, SmartWatt offers ongoing monitoring services that continually examines your system’s performance, making sure it’s operating at its highest potential so that your people can achieve theirs.

Service contracts that deliver exactly what your organization needs for success

We offer service contracts tailored to your organization’s needs, not ours. Our flexible terms accommodate your specific goals, giving you the best opportunities to achieve them.

Many of today's building were not constructed or operated with energy efficiency in mind and require retro-commissioning services to improve the quality of life for occupants as efficiently as possible

Retro-commissioning is one of the most cost-effective decisions a building owner can make to improve their building’s efficiency. Savings often average between 5 percent and 20 percent after the retro-commissioning and recommended system corrections are performed, with some ROIs occurring in under a year. With retro-commissioning, SmartWatt takes a methodical and holistic approach to each customer’s building in order to systematically improve the building performance and operation. Through this methodology, we not only increase a building’s efficiency, we improve its ecological footprint. The entire process is successfully managed without sacrificing building occupant comfort but actually improving it, ultimately allowing your building to accomplish more with less. Our retro-commisioning service can be performed as a stand-alone service. However, we often find it more cost effective to perform this service during a system retrofit. This decision depends on the age of your building, the systems that reside within and their respective maintenance requirements.

Snyder's Lance, Inc. | Cape Cod Potato Chips

SmartWatt collaborated with the nation’s second largest salty snack company to optimize its energy systems by retrocommissioning the existing building automation system, installing additional controls, and integrating all HVAC components. We also installed new dampers, motors and space thermostat controls on the building’s air conditioning system. The SmartWatt team provided building support services which included detailed on-site training for associates which included proper operating sequence and set points for the newly added mechanical equipment.


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