Building Automation Systems – Putting You in Control

If you’re a business, educational center, medical facility, or government agency looking to cut operational costs through improved energy efficiency and management, there’s one word to keep in mind — control.

Building automation systems can operate and monitor a facility’s energy consuming equipment including lighting, HVAC, fire, security, access and other powered systems. An effective energy optimization strategy will tie together all these disparate systems into a totally integrated assembly for enhanced control, making everything work in perfect harmony. To ensure you’re getting a fully optimized energy experience that lowers consumption and saves money while optimizing the comfort of your space, avoid companies that manufacture controls to implement your building automation systems project.

An energy system optimization company never loses focus of its mission to save customers money and improve the wellbeing of the users who experience innovative solutions. Being product agnostic keeps people at the forefront of the projects engineered by its energy and building automation experts. This enables energy optimization experts to provide engineering-led solutions that are the best in the market and fit your specific requirements, rather than offer products you may not need just to hit a sales quota.

Using open control platforms and never entering into exclusive agreements with control manufactures gives you greater flexibility when it comes to future maintenance interventions, upgrades, and expansions. Open platforms also help ensure that your building control system flawlessly integrates all of your powered systems so they operate together with absolute precision. Energy system optimization companies take pride in delivery valuable training that puts customers in control of their system from day one with a video library that allows for easy training of new employees long after the project is complete. Offering maintenance agreements to service your system after installation — if your company doesn’t have the staff to maintain it internally — ensures your energy system will always be performing at optimal, peak levels. Those agreements should be an add-on service, never forced on customers and not contingent on innovating and installing the best plan for your space.

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