SmartFit Fuels Your Success

SmartWatt has always been different in the way we conceive and manage projects. Our SmartFit approach reflects our deep experience in designing, installing, and optimizing energy systems. More important, SmartFit reflects our deep commitment to helping you succeed in ways and levels you cannot imagine. We go further, delve deeper, and work smarter to ensure your project is successful – and to ensure you’re successful.

SmartFit ensures we start from a position of knowledge and insight.

We think outside the box to see where we might accomplish more and help you make the best choices. We are, always, fully transparent and accountable for what we say we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, and how we work with you, your team, and your stakeholders.

Our Process

Listen & Learn

We start with asking the right questions and listening to better understand your needs and priorities.

We analyze your budget, your project, and your organization to look for opportunities.

We take into consideration all the potential energy, financial and human impacts of your project and get input from all stakeholders to set you up for greater success.

Envision & Plan

We present all your options, evaluate the possibilities of each, and work with you to select solutions that maximize the impact of the project.

We design and develop custom solutions that minimize risk and maximize value, and are optimized for your facility, its uses and users.

We work within your approval process, and help you win over stakeholders by ensuring the project meets everyone’s expectations.

Implement & Sustain

We provide project managers at every level of your organization for greater accountability and we deliver real-time visibility to keep you in control of your project.

We continue to listen, learn and collaborate to understand your evolving needs during project implementation.

We provide the right amount of training, support and documentation so you can sustain and manage your new system; we put you in control of your optimized energy system.